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Yardbird Suite Announces December Lineup

December marks the last month of 2022 and a year of virtual and in-person success for Edmonton’s premier jazz hall, founded in 1957. The holiday season includes Suite’s signature jams on Tuesdays, the Big Miller’s 100th Anniversary Welcome, the return of Ernesto Cervini, Little Birds and more.

“Thank you, Edmonton, for all your support during our pandemic virtual shows and our live performances this year, including our 65th anniversary,” says Chief Executive Todd Crawshaw. “We look forward to seeing you during the holidays and again in January 2023 for more great live music.”

The curators were Edmonton musicians Nicholas Arnaes, Dave Babcock, Julie King, Mboya Nicholson, Holly Sangster, Lizi Sommer, Rodrigo Sosa. Tickets for in-person and online shows, including season tickets, are available on the Yardbird Suite website www.yardbirdsuite.com.

Friday, December 2
Turboprop engine Ernesto Cervini

Joel Frum, tenor saxophone
Adrian Farrugia, piano
Dan Loomis, bass
Ernesto Cervini, drums
Tara Davidson, alto saxophone
William Karn, trombone


Doors 19:00
Music 20:00

Innovative and fiery, Toronto-based jazz drummer Ernesto Cervini has an energy to burn, radiating from his kit or working on a variety of musical and educational projects. With his JUNO Award-winning Turboprop sextet, Cervini flexes his arranging muscles, creating a vast landscape of musical textures and moods for these monster musicians to play.

Saturday, December 3
The Brenan Brothers

Jim Brenan, tenor saxophone
Craig Brenan, trombone
Rubim De Toledo, bass
Jamie Copper, drums
Stefan Kiijek, piano


Doors 19:00
Music 20:00

Throughout their varied careers, Jim and Craig have always returned to their first passion, playing the quintet. Their instinctive rapport and familial ability to sound like one musician borders on the supernatural. Combining their love for jazz music from the 60s and 70s, Craig and Jim present the music from the Jazz Crusaders catalog in all its swinging boogaloo beauty.

Tuesday, December 6
Tuesday Jam hosted by Jacob Do

Jacob Do, tenor saxophone
Josh Krushel, piano
Sean Croal, bass
Dave Lang, drums

10 $

Doors 19:00
Music 20:00

Jacob Do is a promising saxophonist, composer and teacher from Montreal, Quebec.

Friday 9 December and Saturday 10 December.
Big Miller 100th Anniversary Celebration

featuring Dave Babcock and his Jump Orchestra
with Mallory Chipman

Dave Babcock, alto and tenor saxophone, vocals
Mallory Chipman, vocals
Jeremiah McDaid, alto and tenor saxophone
Dan Davis, baritone saxophone
Sergio Rodriguez, trumpet
Bob Tyldesley, trumpet
Audrey Ochoa, trombone
Brett Hansen, guitar
Chris Andrew, piano
Rubim de Toledo, bass
Jamie Cooper, drums


Doors 19:00
Music 20:00

Singer, trombonist, and Edmonton jazz legend Clarence “Big” Miller was born on December 18, 1922, and would have turned 100 this year. On December 9 and 10, Dave Babcock and his Jump Orchestra, along with vocalist Mallory Chipman, are honored to celebrate Big’s remarkable life and musical legacy with a special centenary performance of songs he has recorded or been associated with during his career.

Jazz fans who once heard Big Miller sing know how lucky they are, and every Edmonton musician past and present is indebted to him. The musical weekend celebration promises to be merry and fun, just the way the Big One would like it to be. It is part of a living jazz tradition that will give musicians and audiences a chance to celebrate the greatness of Clarence “Big” Miller. Happy 100th anniversary.

Sunday 11 December
little birds

Kian Merkosky, alto saxophone
Michel Makila, alto saxophone
Shaan Graham, tenor saxophone
Aidan Antonyuk, tenor saxophone
Caleb Hunt, saxophone from Bari
Ntibem Mencha Fonji, trumpet
Samuel Heinzmann, trumpet
Anna Heinzman, trumpet
Brett Merkosky, trombone
Tori Greenan, trombone
Jonah Collins, trombone
June Ulloa Nelson, piano
Ryan Simmons, guitar
Lucas Bissonnette, bass
Anthony Flanagan, drums

Shaan Graham, tenor saxophone
Caleb Hunt, saxophone from Bari
Samuel Heinzmann, trumpet
June Ulloa Nelson, piano
Lucas Bissonnette, bass
Jack Warry, drums

Joel Gray

15 dollars

Doors 18:30
Music 19:00

The Littlebirds are Edmonton’s leading youth jazz bands. This concert will feature a jazz combo performing classic jazz standards, showcasing their ensemble prowess and improvisation. In the second set, the big band will play music spanning decades, from Ellington’s Koko and Black and Tan Fantasy to Weather Report’s Birdland.

Tuesday 13 December
Tuesday Jam hosted by John Gunther

John Gunther, drums
Brett Hansen, guitar
Aretha Tillotson, bass

10 $

Doors 19:00
Music 20:00

Edmonton drummer and composer John Gunther explores musical expression based on personal experience. After completing his undergraduate studies in 2019, John has been busy writing songs for his trio/quartet while continuing to study drums.

Friday 16 December
Chelsea McBride Group

Chelsea McBride, tenor saxophone
Stephanie Urquhart, piano
Elissa Morres, trumpet
Connor Walsh, bass
Joel Jeschke, drums

20 dollars

Doors 19:00
Music 20:00

Chelsea McBride returns to Edmonton with an all-star cast of local musicians to play a mix of holiday favorites and original material. Driven by an endless need for creative expression, Chelsea McBride is a New York-based Canadian jazz musician who has become a mainstay of the North American jazz market. She previously released three albums with her small group Chelsea and the Cityscape and three albums with her larger 19-piece ensemble, Chelsea McBride’s Socialist Night School.

Saturday 17 December
Joel Jeschke Quartet

Brett Hansen, guitar
Brendan McGrath, piano/rhodes
Aretha Tillotson, bass
Joel Jeschke, drums

15 dollars

Doors 19:00
Music 20:00


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