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TobytubeSmith and Misfits Gaming Group officially launch TubNet, a cross-platform Minecraft server. TubNet aims to provide a fun and engaging community where players can hang out and play exciting, original content.

“We introduced Toby to the Misfits family earlier this year and were thrilled to be working with him and his team to continue to put every resource possible into his quest to build TubNet as a radically new, immersive and innovative Minecraft experience,” said MGG boss Ben Spoont. , in a statement to GamesBeat. “I can’t wait for players to build, interact, and enjoy all this world has to offer, and we at Misfits look forward to continuing to help aspiring creators create exciting new projects.”

The biggest problem with Minecraft these days is the different editions of the game available. For example, Minecraft Bedrock runs on a variety of consoles, while many PC gamers still use the Java version. Java Client players cannot play with Bedrock Edition players unless they upgrade to the Bedrock Edition of the game themselves.

TubNet tries to solve the problem directly. The team behind TubNet uses new technology to allow PC Java users to fully participate. This technology makes TubNet the first server to enable universal cross-platform play in Minecraft.

Not only MGG supports the launch of TubNet. Kraft Heinz is also working with TubNet and will be promoting its Lunchables brand on the server. Whether it will be possible to create an actual Lunchable on the server to ward off in-game hunger remains to be seen.

What can you do in TubNet

Minecraft is famous for developers inventing games within the game, such as parkour courses or entire mods that change the concept of what Minecraft is. TubNet starts somewhere in the middle.

The server starts with three fully developed games for players to get involved in:

  • Crystal Rush: Each player starts the game on a small island suspended in the sky with little material to defend. Players must collect Crystals to buy weapons, tools, and blocks to build their way to other people’s islands. The object of the game is to build a road to other players’ islands, destroy opponents’ crystals, and defeat enemy players. Players will respawn until their crystal is destroyed by an opponent.
  • Light Strike: A strategic team game played by two groups of players: Placers and Breakers. Placers have an item called a STAR that they must place on the map and defend against Breakers whose goal is to remove the STAR before its timer reaches zero.
  • Spacebound: A casual game that emphasizes the player’s creativity. Spacebound encourages players to build their own rocket with the ambition of winning races against other players’ rockets. Many variables affect how players can win these games, including decisions about the type of materials, parts, and other factors they can use. Players can earn materials to build their rockets by completing missions and races.

More is on the way

take a moment. Really look at the descriptions of these games. Vanilla Minecraft – Unmodified Minecraft – is a block mining and stacking game. The things that can happen in Minecraft right now are amazing.

Then you must remember that this server is open to everyone. And that more games like this are on the way. It’s really unbelievable.

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