Samsung S8 Sim Card Stuck

Except mine had snapped in half, and i was barely able to get the microsd card out. What worked is bending the tip of the needle so that it became a tiny small hook, managed to insert the needle, rotate it so that the hook got a grip into the plastic of the sim card and voila!

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Open the sim port of your android phone and take out sim card.

Samsung s8 sim card stuck. After performing this operation your phone will reboot and come to the normal state. Samsung galaxy s8 questions and answers. A lot of android users have mentioned the issue of no sim card.

Can't figure out how it broke cause once the cards were put in over 2 years ago, they may have come out 3 times. Inserting the tray after that was a bit hard and i could sense pressure. Now my sim is stuck inside, along with the lower half of the tray.

After watching a few videos , i tried to solve the problem but with zero luck. But i also noticed the sim tray is probably the worst part of this phone. I know the proper way is the take the phone apart and then pry it out.

To solve the prob quickly, i went to samsung shop directly rather than go to the retailer. Be careful with the poor quality! I have a sim and an sd card and the card could barely fit into the frame.

Many users have reported that android stuck on checking for software updates after factory reset issue can be fixed by following the below two steps: Hi, we had big sim card stuck in the slot of a samsung j5 without tray. How to video for samsung phones.

Locate the sim card drawer of your samsung galaxy s8 that you want to open. But was told that the release system is broken and is. Use the pin that was provided with the phone, inserting it in the correct way.

I've tried a few things, like holding it upside down and lightly thumping the top of the back/front with my. Equip yourself with the dedicated tool for the sim card. Fix windows 10 stuck in airplane mode when windows 10 is stuck in airplane mode fix windows 10 stuck in airplane mode samsung galaxy s8 g955u g950u fix android emergency calls only and how to fix a galaxy s8 when airplane mode is stuck or won t turn off troubleshootingwindows 10 is stuck in airplane […]

My sim card tray has been stuck for a while now. After you remove the back glass and separate the midframe from the lcd frame (with the motherboard), you'll have to get very pointy tipped tweezers and slowly work the sim card out of the sim tray mounted on the motherboard. Bought a samsung s8 one month ago but now the sim card tray can't come out!

Basically the stupid cheap flimsy plastic sim tray for my s7 broke in half, leaving the sim card stuck inside the phone the microsd made it out fine. Join the community / sign in. Don't insert sim card or remove it.

Samsung galaxy s8 when i use the key to open tray, one side of the tray (where memory card goes) is broken (other side is still attached) from bottom part of tray (where sim card is). If your samsung galaxy s8+ is stuck, frozen, or has become unresponsive then you can perform a soft reset. Use another sim card trying another sim card can also be a good way to fix network issues.

Locate the hole on the drawer and insert the tip of the tool into the drawer and. Then, restart your mobile and again check if the issue persists. Issue is it's no longer under warranty.

I can do this myself easily, but i dont want to ruin the waterproofing or go through the hassle if i can avoid it If you haven’t tried it yet, be sure to do so. This problem can even happen in high quality latest phones like galaxy s9/s8/s7/s6.

I asked around some service centre and they say they will have to literally open my phone and remove the stuck sim card. I have the info to activate it on me, but my concern is that, if the sim card is not properly placed, activating the new sim card will disable the sim in my old phone and then i'll be stuck with no ability to make calls or receive texts at all, if the s8 sim card also isn't set right. Have you ever encounter the problem of no sim card in your android.

If reseating the sim card won’t change anything, consider getting a new one. To get the sim card out, the easiest (and i use that term lightly) method would be in disassembling the device. If you using samsung galaxy s9/s8/s7,galaxy note 8, galaxy a9/a8/a7/a5/a3 and other android devices,you can only follow the first method (hard reset samsung) to reboot your samsung phone and restore it’s os back to normal status,but this method will will lead to data loss.

It is in principle on the upper right side of the mobile phone, in the event that you cannot find it, refer to the instructions. The hot needle trick did not work. This process is also known as a force restart operation.

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