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As for the sights of San Diego, port village usually at the top of the list. This nostalgic Embarcadero enclave has it all: quirky boutiques, delicious restaurants, and views of San Diego Harbor and the Bay Bridge. There are so many places to explore in this village by the sea that you might wonder where to start. Fortunately, we have found the formula for the perfect day in port villageincluding everything from shopping to wine tasting.

Spill the Beans - Port Village of San Diego
Credit: John Cocozza Photography

The perfect way to start your day is to roast and roast in spill the beans. This coffee stand offers organically sourced coffee and espresso, as well as teas and juices. For breakfast, enjoy one of spill the beansbagels with homemade cream cheese. This is the perfect place to have coffee and snacks on the go when you start port village adventure.

Village Hat Shop - Port Village of San Diego
Credit: John Cocozza Photography

You will soon realize that this is only the beginning. brighter during the day – after all, you are in San Diego! You may have come prepared with your SPF and sunglasses, but just in case, Village hat shop covered you. From fedoras and bowlers to baseball caps and visors, Village hat shop has nearly 50,000 styles of headwear to go with any outfit. They even have custom embroidery services and accessories to complete your look.

11:00 Soak up the sun at Del Sol

Del Sol - Port Village of San Diego
Credit: John Cocozza Photography

Speaking of bright and sunny days, you’ll want to check Del Solwhere everything comes alive when you have fun in the sun. This store has t-shirts, water bottles, accessories, nail polish and more that change color when exposed to the sun – just place the items on the UV station to peek in. This is a great store to find unique San Diego souvenirs for yourself, friends and family.

Wetzel's Pretzels - Port Village of San Diego
Credit: John Cocozza Photography

There are several meal options at lunchtime, but if you’re not quite ready for a full meal because you still have a few things to explore, then opt for something quick and classic! Wetzel pretzels has a stand in front of stacked stones, tarot card readers and kites at the entrance to the Embarcadero Marina. You can’t go wrong with fresh lemonade and pepperoni pretzel!

San Pascual Winery Tasting Room - Port Village of San Diego
Credit: John Cocozza Photography

You will thank us for planning a snack because the next wine tasting is in Tasting room at San Pascual Winery. This small, family run winery is located 15 miles east of San Diego in La Mesa and is considered one of the first urban wineries in the city. Their outdoor patio is ideally located along the Embarcadero, so you’ll have a great view of the harbor while you sip and sample local varieties from a glass or bottle.

Influencer Boutique - San Diego Port Village
Credit: John Cocozza Photography

By now you have already noticed many local shops in port villageand one of them you should look into is Influential boutique. Here you’ll find great styles from top designer labels like Sanctuary, Central Park West, Revolve and more. Influential boutique Not only known for their fashion inventory, but also for their exceptional customer service – the owner will help you create entire outfits on the fly!

Local Understanding: Jump on the historic 1895 Luff Carousel, which costs only $5 for children and adults. Originating in Fairpark, Texas, this carousel traveled throughout the West before settling in port village.

Credit: John Cocozza Photography

As dinner time approaches, we highly recommend Marion Fish Market. Located in the West End Plaza food court. Marion is the best when it comes to value and atmosphere. This place has a lively patio overlooking the harbour, as well as a mouth-watering seafood menu that includes freshly made ceviche, fish and chips, fried shrimp tacos and more at a decent price. Pick 5 Seafood Combo is served family style and offers a taste of everything.

Credit: John Cocozza Photography

This place often appears on Instagram as a must-try place in San Diego, and the reasons are obvious. From their namesake homemade fudge and soft sundae to their caramel apples and Dole bowls, Fudge Seaport it’s a sweet tooth’s dream. They even serve ice cream in bowls of your favorite cereal! Skip the line and pre-order online to get your sugar rush earlier.

Credit: John Cocozza Photography

Extend the delicious end of the day with a final stop at Sweet shop. This candy store has some of the most unique and nostalgic sweets, from Lucas candies to classic sour gummies and chocolates. They even have an entire wall dedicated to Pez dispensers and we bet you’ll find the character you’ve been looking for all your life. Grab one or two treats on your way home.

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