Aztec Football Notebook: Jesse Mathew’s Comeback Decision | Update News

San Diego State retiree Jesse Matthews could cement his name among SDSU’s top 10 receivers of all time if he chooses to return next season.

Matthews’ career record is particularly impressive given that the Aztecs have been a dominant offense throughout most of his time with the team.

The question is, will Matthews return to use his “COVID year” eligibility?

“I haven’t made a decision yet,” Matthews said. “I walk on it back and forth.

“I need to talk to my family about this. Talk to coaches. This is an important decision for me. I have to weigh all my options and see what’s best for me and my future.”

Matthews, who transferred to SDSU from Christian High, is eighth all-time in receiving (163), 17th in receiving yards (1981), and 14th in receiving touchdowns (15) ahead of Saturday’s regular season finale against Air force. .

Based on his averages over the past two seasons, Matthews predicts he will be third all-time in receiving, eighth in receiving yards, and fifth in receiving touchdowns if he returns in the 2023 season.

Like any other college football player, Matthews strives to play to the next level.

Assessing his professional prospects is perhaps the most important part in determining whether Matthews can immediately become available to the NFL after this season.

“I’ve been lucky to play here for five years,” said Matthews, who had 34 receptions for 380 yards and three touchdowns this year. “I have the opportunity to come back, something really amazing, but like I said, I have to talk to my family about it.

“I tried to focus on the season and focus on the Air Force and try to finish this season right, the way these adults deserve and play the best football we can.

“I think I’ll think about it some more, maybe next week, ahead of the bowl game. After the official end of the season, I will make a decision.”

The show receives a scholarship

During a team meeting on Monday in the hall at the Fowler Athletic Center, Hawk asked sophomore Mehka Shaw to stand up and then told a wide receiver from Scripps Ranch High School, “You got a scholarship.”

The room erupted in applause as Shaw was congratulated by his teammates.

The 5-foot-10 Shaw played career night against New Mexico last week, catching six passes for 120 yards and two touchdowns.

He currently ranks third on the team in receptions (28) and receiving yards (343) and is ranked first on the team in receiving touchdowns (3).

“We had one chance and it stood out,” said SDSU head coach Brady Hock. “Look what he has done in the last six weeks. Besides, every day, how he practiced, taking kicks and punts and stuff like that.

“And then just the effort he gives. He deserved it.”

Hawk said he wants to award Shaw before the end of the semester, so the scholarship includes the fall 2022 semester.

As reported on the SDSU website, the 2022-23 scholarship is valued at $23,888 (living with parents) to $32,110 (living in a university residence). The base tuition fee is $8,174 per year.

“From day one, he was ready to learn and try to grow as a receiver, to accept whatever knowledge you give him,” Matthews said. “He is someone who is very deserving of this scholarship.”

Praise Coach Coop

Shaw is the fourth SDSU staff member in seven years to receive a scholarship — along with Curtis Anderson (2016), Matthews (2019) and BJ Busby (2021) — from the broader admissions team.

“I think one thing that’s pretty remarkable about it is that we all had the same coach, and that’s coach (Hunky) Cooper,” Matthews said. “I think that says a lot about his development of young adults and what he was able to do with us young adoptees who were revelers.

“I just want to give him his flowers and roses for what he has done not only for me, but for all the receivers in the room.

“The way he develops young people and players is very special and should not only be seen but celebrated. He’s a great coach.”

Browning received the MW award

Kicker/SDSU player Jack Browning received the Mountain West Special Team Player of the Week award for his performance against New Mexico.

It was the second time that Browning received recognition this season, hitting 30- and 46-yard field goals against the Lobos. He also punted twice, including a career-best 63-yard throw.

Despite being a senior, Browning has a “year of COVID” left and is expected to return next season.

Mountain West update

The Mountain West championship game is set after Boise State (8-3, 7-0 MW) and Fresno State (7-4, 6-1) won the Mountain and West divisions, respectively, with wins over the weekend.

The teams will meet on December 3 in Boise for the conference title.

The winner is expected to be invited to the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl, while the runner-up is likely to go to the Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl.

Five other MW teams are also eligible for the cup: Fresno State (7-4), SDSU (7-4), San Jose State (6-4), Utah State (6-5), and Wyoming (7-4). ).

However, there is another important game with Nevada (2-9) at UNLV (4-7).

The Rebels need a fifth win to be considered a bowl spot if there aren’t enough teams with six wins to fill all 82 bowl slots.

The completion of 5-7 teams is based on their scores on the Progress Report (APR). Rice (5-6) and UNLV, who won this weekend, will be the first two teams considered in such an event.

baskerville practices

Safety CJ Baskerville is back in training after missing the last four games with a right leg injury.

Another question is whether Baskerville is ready to return to the squad.

Cedarius Barfield is listed as a starter for Baskerville’s Boundary Warrior. Real freshman Josh Hunter is listed as an alternate.


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